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Sailor Scouts' Palace


Sailor Neptune's AMVs
Sailor Neptune's AMVs

All Sailor Moon Music Videos are in a .wmf format.  To make it easier to download the files are in a .zip format.

If Sailor Pluto Could Turn Back Time
Well, this one was my first Sailor Moon Music Video.  This one is the about Sailor Pluto.  This SMMV plays to the music of Cher, with the song entitled If I Could Turn Back Time.  This one has two versions.  I will have 2 links below, the one I one I have uploaded is Version 1.  The 2nd one will be up as soon as I can.
Version 1           Version 2
What Mercury Wants, What Neptune Needs
This Sailor Moon Music Video is of the Sisters of water, Sailor Neptune and Sailor Mercury.  This SMMV goes to the song, What a Girl Wants, What A Girl Needs, sung by Cristina Aguilera.  This has Clips of Sailor Mercury and Sailor Neptune, and some special appearances by the other scouts.  If Michelle and Amy saw this video they would be proud.
Sailor Complicated
This Music video is of Amara, Raye, and Lita (a.k.a. Sailor Uranus, Sailor Mars, and Sailor Jupiter).  This one has all well anyway, all this clips go to the music of Complicated, sung by Avril Lavrenge* (Unsure how to spell the last name.)  Watch as they show that being a Sailor Scout is complicated.