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Sailor Moon R: Volume 1
The Doom Tree Strikes
It came to
Conquer the Earth!
And only Sailor Moon and the Sailor Scouts can stop it!  As the evil Anne and Alan continue to scheme up new ways to steal the Earth's energy for the Doom Tree, will the combined power of all the Sailor Scouts be enough? The Power of friendship will be tested as never before when our planet's mightiest protectors join forces in their greatest battles yet!  Don't miss the excitement in the eighth electrifying collection of Sailor Moon on DVD!
"R" Episodes 43 to 48:
"R" Episode 43:  A Knight To Remember
"R" Episode 44:  VR Madness
"R" Episode 45:  Cherry Blossom Time
"R" Episode 46:  Kindergarten Chaos
"R" Episode 41:  Much Ado About Babysitting
"R" Episode 42:  Raye's Day In The Spotlight
Language(s):  English
Total Time:  Aproximately 135 Minutes
Age suggested:  3 and Up.
B/W or C:  Color
Sound:  Stereo
Special Features:
Previews of:
Princess Nine | Sakura Wars 2 | Medabots | Dai-Guard
Martian Successor Nadesico | Dirty Pair Flash
Distributed by ADV.  (No longer in production as of April 1, 2004)

Sailor Moon is a Toei Copyright 1992.  Dubbing of the US version of Sailor Moon is licensed by DIC for Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon R, and Cloverway for Sailor Moon S and Super S.