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Sailor Moon S:  Heart Collection II
Orginal Pioneer Street Date:  April 10, 2001
Signature Series Street Date:  March 9, 2004
Tuxedo Mask
A race to steal pure hearts
and heal broken hearts!
The Sailor Soldiers (Scouts) have been able to protect the innocent from the Death-Busters (Heart-Snatchers) so far, but now, they find themselves to be the Death Busters' (Heart-Snatchers') next targets.  Professor Tomoe's evil minions first attack Ami (Amy), and then Sailor Neptune for their precious heart crystals.  Not even Usagi (Serena) is safe from the Death-Busters (Heart-Snatchers) and, to make matters worse, she cannot transform into Sailor Moon!  Will the other Sailor Soldiers (Scouts) be able to recover Usagi's (Serena's) heart crystal from Kaorinite?
"S" Episodes 8 to 13.
"S" Episode 8:  The Labyrinth Of Water!  Ami (Amy) The Targeted
"S" Episode 9:  Save Friends!  Moon And Uranus Join Forces
"S" Episode 10:  The Kindness Of A Man!  Yuchiro (Chad), Heartbroken by Raye?
"S" Episode 11:  Retire From The Sailor Soldiers (Scouts)!?  Minako's (Mina's) Concerns
"S" Episode 12:  Usagi (Serena) In Tears!  Glass Shoes For Her Birthday
"S" Episode 13:  The Pure Heart Stolen!  Usagi's (Serena's) Biggest Crisis
Language(s):  English and Japanese
Total Time:  Aproximately 145 Minutes
Age suggested:  13 and Up.
B/W or C:  Color
Sound:  Mono/Stereo
Special Features:
Picture Gallery of Sailor Jupiter Makoto Kino (Lita Kino)
Textless Japanese Tuxedo Mirage Ending
Distributed by Geneon formally Pioneer.

Sailor Moon is a Toei Copyright 1992.  Dubbing of the US version of Sailor Moon is licensed by DIC for Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon R, and Cloverway for Sailor Moon S and Super S.