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Sailor Moon S:  Heart Collection V
Original Pioneer Street Date:  October 9, 2001
Signature Series Street Date:  June 8, 2004
Threat of
Chibi-USA's (Rini's) new best friend, Hotaru, has another personality with awesome powers!  Unfortunately, her father, Professor Tomoe, is also part of the Death-Busters (Heart-Snatchers) who are attempting to destroy the world.  As Hotaru's powers grow stronger, so do suspicions of Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune and Sailor Pluto.  So everyone suspects that Hotaru my not only be Sailor Saturn, but also the Messiah of Silence (Soverieng of Silence) - the nightmare that brings the world of darkness and destruction!  The three Outer Solar System Sailor Soldiers (Outer Sailor Scouts) are determined to prevent the darkness, but can they destroy a fellow Sailor Soldier!?
"S" Episodes 26 to 31.
"S" Episode 26:  Shadow Of Silence?!  Hotaru's Dimming Tail Light
"S" Episode 27:  Calm after the Storm!  A Friendship Devoted To Hotaru
"S" Episode 28:  Much Higher, Much Stronger!  Cheerleader Serena
"S" Episode 29:  Battle With An Evil Atmosphere!  Sailor Soilder's Gamble
"S" Episode 30:  The Messiah Of Silence Awakens?  The Fate Of The Stars
"S" Episode 31:  Invasion From Outer Space! The Secret Of The Infinity Academy
Language(s):  English and Japanese
Total Time:  Aproximately 145 Minutes
Age suggested:  13 and Up.
B/W or C:  Color
Sound:  Mono/Stereo
Special Features:
Picture Gallery of Sailor Mars/Hino Rei (Raye Hino)
Original Sailor Moon "S" Opening #3
Distributed by Geneon formally Pioneer.

Sailor Moon is a Toei Copyright 1992.  Dubbing of the US version of Sailor Moon is licensed by DIC for Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon R, and Cloverway for Sailor Moon S and Super S.