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Japan Episode 151:  True Power Explodes!  Ami's Melody of the Heart

Japan Episode 152:  Burning Passion!  Mars' Furious Super Deadly Attack

Japan Episode 153:  Dentist of Terror?  Para-Para's House

Japan Episode 154:  Confrontation Between Dreams!  Break-Up Announcement by Minako and Makoto

Japan Episode 155:  Over the Fear!  Jump to Freedom

Japan Episode 156:  Don't Lose Your Dream!  A Mirror Reflects the Truth

Japan Episode 157:  Pegasus Has Disappeared!? Swinging Friendships

Japan Episode 158:  Pegasus' Secret!  The Beautiful Boy Protecting the World of Dreams

Japan Episode 159:  Chibi-USA's Little Rhapsody of Love

Japan Episode 160:  Dream to Become an Adult!  Bewilderment of the Amazoness

Sailor Moon is a Toei Copyright 1992.  Dubbing of the US version of Sailor Moon is licensed by DIC for Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon R, and Cloverway for Sailor Moon S and Super S.