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Japan Episode 90:  A Preminiton of World Destruction?  The Mysterious New Senshi Appear

Japan Episode 91:  The Birth of a Rod of Love!  Usagi's New Transformation

Japan Episode 92:  A Pretty Boy? Tenoh Haruka's Secret

Japan Episode 93:  Usagi Yearns!  The Elegant Genius Michiru

Japan Episode 94:  Protect the Pure Heart!  The Enemy/Ally Three Way Battle

Japan Episode 95:  Leave It Up to the Moon to Aid with Love

Japan Episode 96:  Cruel Uranus?  Makoto's Pinch!

Japan Episode 97:  Water Labyrinth.  The Target:  Ami

Japan Episode 98:  Save the Friends!  Moon and Uranus Work Together

Japan Episode 99:  A Man's Gentle Mind!  Yuichirou's Broken Heart for Rei?

Japan Episode 100:  She Wants to Quit Being a Sailor Senshi!?  Mina's Worries.

Sailor Moon is a Toei Copyright 1992.  Dubbing of the US version of Sailor Moon is licensed by DIC for Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon R, and Cloverway for Sailor Moon S and Super S.